Group / General Service Rep:
End of the Line: Dreward T.
Paradise: Roger.
Hope, Faith & Courage: Chuck C.
Kateri: Paul K.
Ounce of Courage: Jared
Serenity: Pam W.

Area-Position / Servant
Delegate: Dave M.
Alt. Delegate: Pam W.
Area Chair: Paul K.
Alt. Chair: Shae D.
Secretary: Mike A.
Treasurer: Pam W.
Archives: Kirk L.
Chips & Literature: Ian M.
Internet Rep: Neil W.
Phone Line: Drew T.
Service Manual: (Open)
Activities/Unity: Paul k.
Next Meeting @ Kateri: Jan.17th @ 6:30pm

H & I Position / Servant
Chair: Shae D.
Secretary: Mel
Public Info: Paul K
Alt. Chair: (Open)
Martha St. Detox: Steve R.

Red Road Lodge: Steve R.
Pritchard House: Gianni
Literature: Mike A.
Treasurer: Paul K.
River House: Mel
AFM: Drew T.
Compass: Shannon
Women’s Correctional Centre: Pam W.
Anchorage: John T.
Next H & I Meeting @ Kateri: Jan.7th @ 6:45pm

Convention / Member/Rep
Chair: Shae
Co-Chair: Brenda
Speaker Rep: Dave
Event Liaison: Drew T.
Ticket Rep: Paul K.
T-Shirt Rep: Shannon
Volunteer Rep.: Kendra
Auctio/Fund Raising Reps: Tyler
Food Rep: Vacant
Decorations Rep: Brenda & Kendra
Treasurer: Kirk L.
Secretary: Shae D.
Next Convention Mtg., Jan.7th5:30pm @ Katrri.